Murten Lightfestival: Sky-beamer (e)

As if the usual skyglow and the strong general brightening of the night sky by artificial light, especially when it is cloudy, weren’t enough, the organizers of the “Murten Light Festival” use a sky-beamer, among other things, every year in January for the festival.

In 2020, I photographed the effect and the extent of this sky-beamer for the first time. In 2021, the festival didn’t take place due to the pandemic. It’s back since 2022 and I got in touch with the organizers at the time. They are of the opinion that these projectors are not a problem for the fauna at all, since the event lasts “only” two weeks. Another reason they usually give is: it’s not the season of migratory birds.

Their reaction is emblematic in the fact that in general, the harmful impact on the fauna of such beamers is ignored and not taken seriously even though the science is clear. 

This year I asked the organizing committee again whether they will using these sky-beamers in 2023 as well. Their answer was: Yes, of course. And they see no harm, because, the festival “only” lasts two weeks.

In contrast to 2020 and 2022, two important regional newspapers reacted in 2023. It is an important milestone and I very much hope that 2024 will finally bring “pull the plug” to the sky-beamers.

The reproduction of the two articles on my website takes place after consultation and approval with La Liberté and the Freiburger Nachrichten.

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