The QSI683ws-8 from Quantum Scientific Imaging
More detailed review coming soon…

QSI683wsg-8 on the Takahashi FSQ-85EDX with Flattener

Filterwheel with 8 positions

Inside out – wore a FFP2 mask & vinyl gloves to place the filters…
Filter positions:
1) LPS
2) L
3) R
4) G
5) B
6) H-alpha
7) reserved for OIII
8) reserved for SII

Internal Filterwheel QSI683ws-8

First light 11 November 2021 (not in focus)

The Pleiades. Software: SGP – Totally new experience with focusing and first light wasn’t yet perfect. But the result of the stacked LPS subs is quite impressive (look at the details in the reflection nebula):

Pleiades / Messier 45 / 4 x 300s with LPS filter (Hutech)

Many thanks to Intercon Spacetec and Pana for their valuable advice!

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