PrimaLuceLab Support Rings & overall System

For some time now I’ve been looking for a better solution for the support rings of my Takahashi FSQ-85EDX. It wasn’t so much a flexure issue I noticed but the Takahashi support ring (see below) didn’t give me much flexibility for different setups such as attaching my Nikon DSLR on top of my scope or for the guide scope in general.

Takahashi FSQ-85EDX Standard setup with Flattener & optional T-Mount DX-WR (here for Nikon)

So I started looking out for a more flexible system and found it at PrimaLuceLab. It’s a very versatile system and I finally figured it all out. Pleased to show you a first picture of the latest setup with the Nikon DSRL on top of the refractor telescope:

PrimaLuceLab system with a Losmandy Single-Axis Camera Rotation Mount (picture here without guide scope which I currently attach between the mount and the Losmandy style dovetail bar (see first picture)

The pieces…

In the meantime, I got a CCD camera and mostly work with it for astrophotography. At the same time, my Nikons are such excellent cameras for night photography that I will continue working with them.

So what is the setup now? I needed to replace my old Losmandy style dovetail with a 350mm Losmandy style dovetail plate from PrimaLuceLab. Before I could install the rings I needed Spacers 20mm in order for the focus knobs not to touch the dovetail.

For my Takahashi FSQ-85EDX I’m using the 95mm PLUS support rings. In order to be able to attach my DSLR on top, I added the Losmandy style dovetail plate 140mm on top of the support rings. The best way to attach the camera firmly is in my opinion the Losmandy Single-Axis Camera Rotation Mount. The whole setup is versatile, stable, firm, there is no flexure. Alternatively, and whenever I don’t use the Nikon, I can attach the PrimaLuceLab 80mm guide rings for my guide scope and camera on top of the 95mm support rings:

Setup with 80mm guide scope rings

All support rings come with screws. In case you are loosing one or need more, they are available in every regular HomeDepot style brick&stone shop or you can order them online.


Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated to PrimaLuceLab, Losmandy or any other company mentioned on my website.

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