Welcome to Isa’s Astrophotography Atelier. This is work in progress with the ambition to connect the arts & science and regularly share insights on techniques.

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In Toolbox you’ll find general information on astronomy, astrophotography and the equipment I’m currently using.
You’ll also find a monthly Astronomical Calendar with a selection of interesting celestial objects to observe – in general, for the northern hemisphere.

Artificial Light Pollution not only has an impact on astronomical observation. It is an issue with a tremendous impact on wildlife animals, plants as well as human health. But most importantly, we can do something to change that and make a difference.

Most of my landscape and astronomy pictures were taken in the Mont-Vully region – famous for its three lakes (Lac de Morat, Lac de Neuchâtel and Lac de Bienne), its mild climate and stunning beauty. The diversity of the flora and fauna here remains impressive.

This is work in progress so I regularly update this website with new pictures as well as with reviews of astro equipment and techniques.

Enjoy the journey! 

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Check my monthly updates of astronomical events and also the following very useful websites for more resources:
Astronomie im Internet by
Astronomical Society Bern (Astronomische Gesellschaft Bern – Die Schönheit des Kosmos gemeinsam erleben)
Stellarium Gornergrat Switzerland/Schweiz an impressive Observatory located at 3’100 m in Zermatt – in the middle of the Swiss Alps

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